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  • Jun 26 / 2015
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Building:rehabilitation of buildings

To restart the housing market need to focus on upgrading the energy efficiency through “progressively from 1% a 2,5% interventions, the redevelopment of individual apartments to entire buildings and neighborhoods, from 20% energy saving 60-80%”. To draw a picture on the future of the building is Gianni Silvestrini, presidente del Green Building Council Italia, during rebuild 2015, national convention on innovation and redevelopment of real estate management in progress in Riva del Garda (Tn) that registered the sold out. Continue Reading

  • Jun 19 / 2015
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The building of the future is digital. Se ne parlerà a REbuild

In Italy the field of’building It is one of the economic sectors less computerized, but to overcome the crisis of recent years will find new dimensions of efficiency and the process of computerization and digitization It will probably be one of the inevitable step. This is one of the main themes to be discussed during REbuild 2015, the convention of the Italian innovation upgrading and management of real estate to be held on 25 and 26 June in Riva del Garda.

The debate focused on the different ways in which the digital is already transforming the way we design and operate buildings: from thermostats that become points of digital power management for the entire house, new models design not only in 3D but in five other sizes, up to the possibility to use digital infrastructure that allow to realize processes urban regeneration otherwise impossible. Continue Reading

  • Jun 16 / 2015
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Building: Fondazione Cariplo, a beautiful house in 500 euro con l’housing sociale


(Ghirlandaio) Rome, 16 June. – Un ebook, an internet portal and a documentary telling the success of social housing in Italy, born in Cariplo Foundation and developed with the fundamental contribution of the Foundation FHS (www.fhs.it). AND’ It was recently published the e-book that tells the history of the phenomenon “housing sociale”. The third of the series ebook Impact Head of the Social Housing Foundation Cariplo says so’ how and’ developed, and he explains how, thanks to the Foundation, It has become the subject of political intervention National.