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Building:rehabilitation of buildings


Building:rehabilitation of buildings

To restart the housing market need to focus on upgrading the energy efficiency through “progressively from 1% a 2,5% interventions, the redevelopment of individual apartments to entire buildings and neighborhoods, from 20% energy saving 60-80%”. To draw a picture on the future of the building is Gianni Silvestrini, presidente del Green Building Council Italia, during rebuild 2015, national convention on innovation and redevelopment of real estate management in progress in Riva del Garda (Tn) that registered the sold out.

"We are very pleased with the success, sign that the road we are indicating is the right one ", says Thomas Miorin, creator of Rebuild. "Our goal is to build a platform that radically innovate the sector. This year we work on three dimensions: increase the ability to recognize and extract value from the built, radically decrease the time and cost of the redevelopment process and simplify, passing from projects complex and expensive to products with guarantees in terms of performance and durability. Products and services that integrate a new aesthetic of reuse: we want the redevelopment is beauty, quality of life, comfort and health of the environment ".

According Silvestrini “construction is the sector in which – more than others – we must invent new solutions: means engender throughout Europe investments, give breath to the economy and to restart the market, through innovative financial solutions and a reorganization of the industry sector. This is extremely important to a real commitment of the institutions ".

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