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  • Jun 15 / 2015
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New EPA: from August into force on the unique pattern

News Regulations

From 1 August 2015 will be in place new standards for the certificate of Energy Performance, document showing the energy performance of a property.

In fact, guidelines for the preparation of the certificate, currently contained in Ministerial Decree of 26 June 2009, It has been completely rewritten in a draft decree and will shortly be published in the Official Gazette.

New Energy Performance Certificate

It is for the truth of yet another change regarding the matter (just last 2 October had been published the new criteria for calculating), but this time it's a sea change, because it aimed to homogenize the territory is the very model of certificate that the methodology to perform the calculations. Continue Reading

  • Jun 09 / 2015
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national school building program, on line the list of actions required by the Regions

08/06/2015 – According to data submitted by local authorities, national program of school building projects for the three years 2015/2017 amount to 3,7 billion euro divided into 6.368 interventions.

Of these, the first 1.300 interventions will be covered right away thanks to 905 million of soft loans that the regions may turn, with amortization expense charged to the State, with Bei (European Investment Bank) and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. After signing by the Minister of Education Stefania Giannini the decree approving the plans submitted by the regions, the Ministry of Education has made available a full list of the interventions of the first national programming for school construction for the three years 2015/2017. Continue Reading

  • Jun 05 / 2015
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Building renovation and new construction:here are the differences

The theme of classification of construction projects It is not always easy to identify, and for the complexity of the interventions achievable on the territory, that for the continuous modification of the rules to be respected. For example, when it is restructuring and when new construction?


When you can talk about building renovations?

The reference standard is Article 3 the Decree of the President of the Republic 6 June 2001, n. 380 and it defines that building renovation interventions are those aimed to transform the building organisms by means of a systematic set of works that can lead to a building body in whole or in part different from the previous. Such interventions include the restoration or replacement of some components of the building, elimination, the change and the introduction of new elements and systems. Continue Reading