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  • Jun 03 / 2015
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Farewell to paper: from 1st June 2015 The Land Registry is updated online

Cadastre and digital revolution: from 1 June the acts of cadastral update will travel exclusively online. it becomes mandatory, in fact, the web send to the Revenue, by professionals, documents Docfa and Pregeo for updating cadastral databases (as stipulated in Order of the Director of 11 March 2015).

At last Friday was officially notify the Inland Revenue by means of a press release. Until a few days ago the electronic transmission was possible on an optional basis: starting today instead geometry, engineers, architects (and not only) will send acts of cadastral update solo via Internet, using the software provided by Revenue. Continue Reading

  • Jun 01 / 2015
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Energy bill:communications to maintain the incentives

It has been extended to 30 September 2015 the deadline for communicating the editing operations carried out before May 2015 on the plants which benefit the Energy bill without losing incentives. He informed the Manager of Energy Services (GSE).

Interventions to change on plants subsidized by the Energy Account

It deals with, we remember, the procedures required by Technical Reference Document (DTR), that explained what to do to not lose the incentives in case, During the life, are necessary jobs.
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  • May 29 / 2015
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The real estate market is moving towards recovery

The positive signal is also found for the homes purchased through mortgage loan, with a +12%, and for the index of affordability, ie the possibility of access of Italian families to purchase a home, which at the end 2014 It amounted to 9%, with a +2,3% over the previous year.

These findings are contained Residential real estate report 2015, compiled and published by the Observatory of the Agency of the real estate market in collaboration with the Italian Banking Association Revenue (help).
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